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“Mission is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Mission exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not mission, because God is ultimate, not man. When this age is over, and the countless millions of the redeemed fall on their faces before the throne of God, Mission will be no more.”

– John Piper 

Anthem sees mission as each believer’s invitation and mandate to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people from every tribe, language, people, and nation. Every Jesus-follower is commissioned, as participating partners, to share in the redeeming, restoring, and renewing work for Jesus to make us into a kingdom and priests to our God. (Revelation 5:9-10)  “The primary purpose of the church is to glorify God, and to worship Him. Further, the primary task of the church is to evangelize the world, both domestically and internationally.” – Dr. Larry Reesor

In 2010 the “J” family started on a journey making preparations to position themselves to serve and disciple Persian-speaking refugees who are living within a host country located in the Middle East. The “J” family’s desire is that each member of their family (of seven) will be able to use their gifts in order to serve these people who are living in a season of transition and waiting. Some have waited there for up to 12 years. There are families with young kids, couples with no kids, single men and women, and some teenagers without their parents. They have left their home country due to religious, political, and social persecution.

Thankfully, there are other organizations that can assist in meeting some of their physical needs. The “J” family’s primary focus is on meeting spiritual, emotional, and relational peace-making needs in Jesus’ name, prioritizing prayer and leadership development.

The “J” family is in the midst of a 2-3 year language learning season, learning 2 completely different languages. (Host country language & Persian)

Jordan and Kristin, along with their three kids, Moses, Zuri, and Mateo have been living and serving on the African continent since 2017 (first in Kenya, now in South Africa), using their skills in photography (which is Jordan’s expertise), videography, and writing actual stories (which is Kristin’s forte) to lead the AIM Stories team with Africa Inland Mission.

Jesus was a storyteller. God’s written revelation to the world is a book full of stories. Why did our Creator choose to communicate this way? There’s something powerful about information presented in the form of a story to capture minds and hearts. People remember stories. They pass them on and are inspired to action because of them. The stories of the Bible give us a picture of God we would otherwise never know. He is known, partly, by the stories we tell about Him – what he did, who he touched, how he loved. And as God continues to work today, there are still stories to tell.

Intending to tell more of these stories is the core of the Andres mission as they lead the AIM Stories team of gifted storytellers is to produce compelling visual and written media that connects those who ‘go’ with those who send them, encourages the hearts of those who pray and give, and motivates the global church to missions. Their heart is to share stories of God’s redemptive work in the hopes of seeing reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered churches formed among all African Peoples.

We are the “S” Family, and we live in S.E. Asia where God is using us to help mobilize both national and international missionaries to go to Unreached/Unengaged People Groups, places with little to no Believers, and where the Gospel is traditionally not welcomed.

We train these missionaries in business, provide small business loans when possible, and help them start up their own entrepreneurial endeavors, which can provide financially for their families while also giving them access through business to people and places that are otherwise closed to Christianity.

We are also active in outreach, discipleship, mentoring, emergency relief, and intentional prayer initiatives. God is moving in new and exciting ways here in S.E. Asia, and we are honored to be part of the story.

When Diptendra Kumar (D. K.) felt God’s call to the ministry, he resigned from the State Electricity Board and became a full-time evangelist. He leans a team of evangelists who start nome groups for Hindus interested In Christlanity. D. K. and Choity work among the Bengali people in and around Kolkata, India. They joined EFM In 2003 and brought with them a group of evangelists who supervise house churches and evangelistic cell groups. They serve in the slums and poor Island areas as well as in other areas of West Bengal state. This Is a growing movement with compassionate, income-generating projects for the very poor.

D.K. says, “Evangelical Friends Mission Kolkata began in its suburbs In 2003. Kolkata is known as the city of slums with approximately 3000 of them in and around it. They initiated their very first tack in some of them. God blessed them with five slum fellowships. Gradually by his grace, the work multiplied in six

different districts. Away from Kolkata, these districts stretch over an area greater than 400 miles. Kolkata used to be known for Its slums. Now the builders are buying them and constructing buildings, and it is no longer known as the city of slums.”


Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” 

Luke 9:62