Though we place a high value on our Sunday gatherings, we also recognize that in order to continually point each other to live gospel-centered lives in our marriages, workplaces, parenting, friendships, sexuality, finances, and world-views, we need to follow Jesus’ model in how He made disciples. He did life with them. At Anthem, we do that in Communities!

Join A Community

Anthem communities are multi-generational and not based on marital status or seasons of life, but a beautiful blend of different parts of the body of Christ. Our goal is to help you connect to a community of people that live geographically close to you and attend the same Anthem campus.

We connect people to our Anthem Communities through a semi-annual event we call BASICS. Sign up here to be notified when we host the next BASICS at your campus.

Community Leader Training

If you are interested in leading an Anthem Community, sign up for our next three-week Leader Training here.