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Anthem Hayden Church strives to be unified in our “major” beliefs while allowing for differing opinions in the “minor” things. We are a church made of people from many different backgrounds, but in Jesus we have become one body. Jesus said that the world would know we are His because of our unity and love for one another. We would rather know and reflect Jesus to our community than argue with other believers over non-salvation issues. A couple of very important questions we seek to answer are: How can we agree rather than disagree? And, how can we apply the truth of scripture in ways that show our love for the Lord and our love for one another so that Jesus is glorified in all we do? However, what we as a body believe is important. In an attempt to bring helpful clarification, we at Anthem Hayden have divided our beliefs (doctrine) into two primary categories: closed-handed and open-handed. Some doctrine is non-negotiable. These are Christian essentials that separate and distinguish Jesus-followers from all other religions. All who call themselves Christians must believe and support these fundamental issues of the faith that the scriptures explicitly declare are essential. We refer to these as our closed-handed beliefs; each is set in stone, written in blood, and unalterable. 


Other doctrine, while helpful, is of a less essential nature. These are subjects that are not explicitly declared in our scriptures. They are not of first importance nor fundamental to the Christian faith. They are non-salvation topics and issues on which, despite biblical study, sincere believers might hold differing points of view. At Anthem Hayden we seek to have unity through agreement on the essential closed-handed doctrine and commit to being loving and respectful of those with differing perspectives of open-handed doctrine. Even if we don’t see eye-to-eye, we still love and accept each other as fellow Christians, followers of Jesus, and valuable members of the body. The doctrine in the open hand includes, but is not limited to:​

“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” – Rupertus Meldenius

Anthem Hayden and those who represent Anthem Hayden will reflect this approach in all doctrinal matters.